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FREE! Alcantara Electric Interior (coupé)

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I know this isn't the forsale page, I can't post in there but I thought that it being a good forum deed.. I'd cheekily get away with this post :D

Tried selling them for peanuts, no interest.. so thought I'd stick them on here if anyone wants them for free...

What's the catch I hear you say? Well you have to come to Lincoln to pick them up, and they need to be gone by Saturday at the latest.

If not, I'll somehow carry them to the tip, I would much rather someone had made use of them, I hate throwing stuff away.

They all work as they should, non heated though. Drivers seat has the usual wear as you can see in the photos, but it wouldn't take a lot to get them looking tip top.

My mate (re: mrs) wants the garage space back so they have to go.





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I sold lumbar support for £90 on it's own. If I were, I'd rip that out, sell it on, and scrap the rest! (Very, very easy to remove. The looms alone are £20+ each from BMW...)

Otherwise, awesome offer.

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Why are you so far away? Unfortunately there's no way I'd be able to get there in time lol.

For future reference though, I'd hazard a guess that the electric seat bases (despite being coupe) would allow me to convert my manual Sport Touring seats to electric?

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