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330CD Engine Management Light. Codes read..

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Hi all, 

Not posted in a while..

27,000 miles later, 3 miles from home after running the old girl after sitting for 3 weeks, she throws up the EML light for the first time. 

I swear it knows it's going to be for sale soon. Unreal.

The caliper has seized on too, so need that sorting out.


Here's what I've got. I'm guessing swirl flap codes were already there - were all removed before I got the car.


So, EGR is what's caused the light.

No idea where to start! Any ideas chaps? 





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i have mine removed via a remap9deleted) and i have the little blue/black vacuum hose plugged with a golf tee,so i would start with the vacuum hose to egr valve,it can easily pop off,also last time i read my codes it had the egr recirc on it,but as i know its mapped out i knew what it was.could be egr blocked with gunk also,but thats easy to do,just clean it,mind you its a messy job and one of the bolts is a little fiddly.

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1 hour ago, dontpannic said:

Take a look at the vacuum line to the EGR valve on the inlet. Sounds like its become disconnected or isn't providing enough vacuum to power the EGR valve.

already said that in post above.

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3 hours ago, dontpannic said:

Two people suggesting it is better than nobody suggesting it!

quite right.

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