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E46 Armrest

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Bought a replacement armrest and had a bit of a stupid moment, undid the bolts for the bracket and then realised I can just take the armrest off and leave that bracket in place. Went to reinsert the two bolts that I had undone and neither would go in!

Am I doing something wrong or is it another case of purchasing and using a tap and die set?

Before I removed the bolts:


Once I removed them:




I removed the bracket completely, removed the bolt sleeve and still couldn't get it to bite...

I saw ///Marty DIY thread, would really appreciate some assistance. Noticed a member called CJGREEN also may had this issue, is he/are you still around? If so, please kindly tell me the solution as its driving me mad

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Hey, very easy. Pop the gearknob gaiter up as there are 2 screws that hold the front in place. Open the rear ash tray slider, pull the insert up and there are 2 plastic screws, then pull this up, there are 2 more screws then the centre console will be free. Lift the handbrake gaiter, you do not need to remove it, it will go through the hole in the center console with some careful manoeuvring. 5-10 min job

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You can also get a shorter centre console without the slot for the arm rest too. I have one in mine, and it's the best thing I've done for day to day drivability of the car. No more dislocating my wrist to change gear!

To the OP, no idea, sorry :(

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49 minutes ago, avalaugh said:

Triggerfish could you post some pics of this please, may look into buying one, drives me mad

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You do need a small bracket to allow it to secure to the handbrake bolts, but it sounds as though they're included in that sale. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. Ripping out the armrest was the second thing I did to my 2nd e46, after ditching the carbon cube!

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4 hours ago, avalaugh said:


Does this look right ?


I presume my cup holders, ash tray etc will all fit in this one ? I've found a seller with a new one as this looks shagged

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I removed my armrest as i found it got in the way, loads better with out.



I purchased mine from Bmw, wasn't all that expensive and trying to find a genuinely decent condition used console is hard to come by!

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