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BMW-nutter buys first E46...

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Hi everyone,

My first post here, so just wanted to say hello...  ;)

My name is Anders.  I'm now a shocking 40 years old (how the hell did that suddenly happen...??), I'm married and have two kids.  I originally come from Denmark, but have really lived most of my life abroad.  For the past 19 months home has been in Glossop just east of Manchester and on the border of the High Peaks.

I've owned multiple BMW's over the past 25 years - especially classics where I'm especially into the old 2002's & Neue Klasses of which I've owned more than I care to count!  I've always been very active with the 02's both on forums but certainly also out in that weird and wonderful place called the real world.  Besides 02's I've also owned two E21's, three E30's (which I really loved!), a sole E36 (which a tracked the hell out of on the Nürburgring and everywhere else), and even one of each 5-series right from the E12 and up to the E39.  After that it all got a little bit too Bangle for me!!  :blink:

Posts like this are always boring without pics, so here we go...

This is the very first car I ever bought.  A '73 Verona red BMW 2002.  That was 25 years ago now, and I still own her to this day!  Needless to say, I'm quite attached to this little girl.


This here is my Green Devil - a period modified '72 Agave green BMW 2002.  I also still own this one, and drive her in anger on various Historic Hillclimbs & Sprints.  I'll also do the odd trackday with her.


This lovely old boat - a '70 Atlantik blue BMW 2000 - got sold almost six years ago now.  I still miss her though...


Then there was my E21 Alpina replica.  This is going waaaay back to my younger days, but I will always remember this beast!  :P  Based on a '82 BMW 323i, she was painted Macau blue (E30 M3 colour) and then upgraded with a bunch of Alpina parts.  As the correct 2.8 liter B6 engine was not available, it was instead a stock 3.5 liter M30 engine that propelled this beast towards the horizon at shocking speeds.  Did anyone say wolf in sheeps-clothing??


I really loved my '89 E30 Lachs silver BMW 320i Touring, but sadly never got a picture of her before I parked it under a truck!  Not advisable...
My next E30 was this'85 Karmin red BMW 325e.  She was in stunning condition, but I must confess that the eta engine was not terribly exciting.  Good long-distance cruiser though...


HeHeHe... and then there was my E36.  She started life as a very standard '93 Alpine white 325i.  But that all changed when I got my hands on her!  There were more modifications than I care to list (or you care to read...), but in short it was a breathed-upon M52b28 engine mated to a 6-speed M3 gearbox and a M3 LSD.  A thoroughly amazing tracktool...


Obviously the majority of my BMW's have come and gone, but I still currently own three different 02's, a big old '73 E3 saloon, and a '81 E12 M535i.
And now it's time for a confession!!  When we first moved to the UK 19 months ago, I bought a '99 Volvo C70 T5.  :huh:  In all honesty, it was just an itch I had to scratch...
I've always quite liked the styling of that particular C70, and even as a BMW enthusiast, I must confess that the 240hp T5 engine is just awesome!  Anyway, the itch has now been appropriately scratched, and I have grown more than just a little bored with FWD.  So it was time to return to BMW...  B)

Well I've never owned a E46 before, though I have always really liked them.  To me, the E46 is the last real BMW ever made.  A M3 was obviously the dream scenario, but sadly also out of my budget for a daily.  Instead I found a beautiful '02 Boston green BMW 330Ci Sport with only three previous owners, a mere 56,000 miles and full service history.
I've only got these two pics from when I picked her up from the previous owner just short of three weeks ago.



So far I'm thoroughly enjoying E46 ownership - and also just having a BMW as my daily again.
I'll try to grab some decent pics soon and then start a proper thread on my 330Ci.
As you can tell, I'm not exactly new to BMW's, but I'm a proper noob when it comes to E46, so I'll no doubt be asking you lot for loads of advice in the future...  :)  

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Cheers guys...   :)

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Welcome :) Nice cars!

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12 hours ago, Markus5000 said:

What a lovely collection bud. Welcome :)

Cheers guys!  :P

Markus, please do note though, that many of those BMW's are cars I've previously owned.  
I do wish I still had them all though...

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You have had some lovely BM's. That's pretty amazing you still have your first car, and what a first car it was! Certainly beats my first car.. A Beige Mk3 escort 1.3GL with a brown cloth interior!

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Whooooaar... your Escort was a GL...??  Nice!  ;)

Yeah, I've been lucky to own some fairly nice BMW's through the years.
Also had an ultra rare '82 BMW 323i Edition S with factory two-tone paint, factory Recaro's, LSD, small fat BBS alloys and all.  Wish I hadn't sold that either...
But most of all I think I regret never finishing the project '65 BMW 1800Ti - that would have been such a cool car to own now!
Still, I'm just happy that I still own my very first car - the Verona Red BMW 2002 from '73.  I guess not many people manage to hold on to their first one. 
And still - after 25 years of ownership - every single time I get behind the steering wheel, it still feels like a very special occasion!

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