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Hi, I bought a 318i 2litre n46 auto a couple of months ago with issues. I got it cheap and being an aircraft engineer, figured I could sort them....

this is what was happening - 

Around 2000rpm, with car moving, transmission light would come on and gear changes were snatching. Car felt sluggish. Moderate blue smoke from exhaust.

on inspection I discovered that wiring to exhaust vanos solenoid had been broken - due to serpentine belt snapping previously. I found epic amounts of historic oil around fwd lower left hand side of engine and oil leaks from around eccentric cam sensor, oil filter housing and oil separator, and vacuum pump. Coil on #4 cylinder arcing.

work carried out - engine flush and oil/filter change. Coil pack change. New plugs. New air filter. Oil separates and associated pipe change (I'll add, without the removal of inlet manifold). Oil filter housing gasket change. Gasket around eccentric cam sensor changed. (Oil was not wicking through the sensor itself). Wires to exhaust solenoid restored. Exhaust/inlet solenoids cleaned out, o rings replaced. Air filter changed.

vacuum pump seals changed. Smoke test done on engine to ensure no other vacuum leaks - none found.

up until the brake booster, vacuum is great - but brakes are not the best it would seem😬 - new fault☹️

Given that smoke check was good, I figured a MAF issue, so unplugged the maf to see if it changed engine status. Instant transmission warning light. Joy! It's the MAF....

got a new MAF. Engine initially seemed better, but again with car travelling, around 2000 rpm, warning light. Now however, warning light is always on.

incidentally, I changed the timing chain tensioner bolt to new type, which also had a nice effect on the engine👍

But my initial problem is remaining, snatching through gear changes, blue smoke:-/ 

getting these codes - P101b, P2A61 and P2D0F.

please can anyone help me??? I'm pretty broke, need the car for work and need the bloody thing to work.....

oh did I mention the brake issue? Haha😬

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Not much help i know but thats what i found looking through the code list. 

sorry i can't be of more help i don't have much knowledge on the N46.




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