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Has anyone tried these ?

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I know coilovers have been covered a million times but I'm wondering if anyone has tried these ones ? For £280 They look alright night and camber adjustment as well as adjustable dampers. 

I appreciate you get what you pay for and I'm not looking to massively improve handling or do track days ( that's what bikes are for) but I do want lower looks but not a horrific ride, it's my daily cruiser ! I had £130 no names on my old golf and the ride shook the car to bits so don't want that again ! 

Anyway here's the link 

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272457850915

Cars a 330cd msport - so it's pretty firm as it is !  Cheers !

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Coilovers killed my E36 won't be doing that again I've seen this kit.  has to be a better option than killovers :lol:

Click me

I plan to replace my shocks with the above link when funds permit 

maybe pick a set of camber plates up there cheap enough.

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