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Andy G

318i or 330d?

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Odd question admittadley however scenario is this.

Retired parents thinking of replacing the 330i they currently have (well its mine but thats something else)

Looking at saloon models and auto's only.

Mainly local and/or town use, with the odd 50mile run out every now and again (infrequent) so looking at running costs mainly.

If you had a 330d, would the day to day fuel costs be roughly the same as a 318i?

I'd err on the 330d as the majority seem to have a better selection of options fitted.

Anyhow be interested to hear on the thoughts on this.

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no brainer get the 330d,,although the mpg in town etc will be poor,,i average 40 mpg..well i did as ive just sold it,,make sure it gets to temp and stats or stat are working properly

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