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Parking sensors - alternative options

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Afternoon all!

Thought i'd post some useful info I found.

OEM parking sensors are still around £120 each, even from the forum sponsors (or maybe a little cheaper).

Most people go with the £20 eBay sensors that are extremely hit-and-miss, but seemingly more miss than hit. Even if they work they normally wont work for long. OEM sensors should last ~10yrs.

There used to be the option of buying the Land Rover branded sensors as BMW owned LR at the time so the Disco 3 used the E46 sensors. Those were Part No: YDB500301PMA. But I found that they were up around the £100ea range so there's no point considering them anymore.

So after some digging I found out that Valeo manufacture the sensors for BMW/LR and their part number is 890058.

Only place I found to get them is AutoDoc - but they're around the £55-65 price range (it varies from what i've seen, and remember that these will come in from Europe so worth noting post Brexit).

I compared the sensors and they're 95% the same with the only difference being there's no BMW branding stamped on. The part numbers formed in the plastic are identical though.

Hopefully this is useful to someone.


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