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TiAg 330D still going strong

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As it's been very quiet on these forums for a while, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my 330D, which I've owned since August 2007 and just under 14,000 miles on the clock iirc.

It's just rolled over 109,000 miles and is still running great after nearly 14 years. Added some pics of when i bought it and now!

In that time it has been extremely reliable, with the following work (mostly preventative maintenance/TLC) carried out on top of the usual fluid changes and tyres:


September 2007 - Fitted SSDD Satin Silver Dial rings to dash cluster.

October 2007 - Fitted new oem M3 Tri Stitch Steering wheel and new oem gear shifter.

July 2008 - BMW replaced CD unit free of change, due to sticking disc mechanism.

June 2008 - Fitted BMW 225M 19"alloy wheels with Falken 235/265 tyres.

August 2008 - Fitted Silvervision bulbs all round.

Sept 2008 - Retrofitted Bi Xenon headlights with OEM harness.

June 2011 - Swirl flaps removed and EGR Clean at PMW.

August 2011 - New discs and pads/Painted callipers Silver.

April 2013 - Fitted Osram CBI D2s Xenon bulbs and Meyle HD Front Control Arm Bushes.

April 2014 - Koni FSD shock absorbers all round paired the M Sport Springs, new BMW Top mounts and Meyle HD front drop links.

May 2014 - Satin Black front Grills.

June 2014 - BMW OEM Flat EVO wiper blades and Bosch S5 Battery.

November 2014 - New pads all round.

Jan 2016 - BMW Coolant change

May 2016 - Gearbox oil and filter change.

September 2017 - New front brake callipers/discs/pads/fluid and Goodrich Stainless brake lines.

April 2018 - Rear ABS Sensor

July 2018 - Rear arches treated for corrosion and repainted.

November 2018 - Replaced Osram CBI with new Osram CBI version bulbs.

January 2019 - Fitted Pioneer Head unit, with OEM cage and centre trim.

February 2019 - Fuel filter change

April 2019 - Meyle Camshaft sensor and OEM Crankshaft sensor fitted.

November 2019 - Fitted Exide Premium EA1000 Battery.

May 2020 - New front brake pads and inner boot tail lights replaced.

December 2020 - Crankshaft pulley and all belts.

April 2021 - Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blades.


Few bits i'm going to be doing soon: 

Headlight washer jet replacement

Windshield scuttle panel replacement

Refurbish and Powder coat the wheels

Refurbish lower grille

I have new BMW Z4M FCAB's/ Z4 front ARB 25mm and 20mm rear E46 convertible ARB and bushes etc to go on

Hope to keep going with the 'old faithful' for a while yet !


When I got it in 2007....



This week after a wash....


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Well that's a lovely looking thing!

I notice that you've replaced the crankshaft sensor - is that something you did yourself or was it a garage job? I've got the part but haven't plucked up the courage to try and find the damn thing yet. Getting slow cranking issues, and every so often mine will take a good 10 seconds of cranking before she fires into life. Crankshaft sensor is the only code I keep getting back on INPA nowadays!

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I looked at doing it myself, but in the end got a garage to do the job due to time and weather, using original BMW crank sensor.

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That's what I'm thinking at the moment, I can't see it from the top, and from the bottom will require lifting the car and getting the under trays and support brace off. Might have a quick look at the weekend when I'm due to do the shocks and springs and book it in if I can't.

Good to see someone putting in the effort to keep these on the road - there aren't many really decent 330d Sport's out there any more :)

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I think the starter motor has to come out too, can't recall exactly now, but i think this picture may help location....



Crank Sensor.jpg

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Thanks for that - I attacked it myself, and while I was there replaced my starter motor as it was coming out anyway. What a massive pain in the backside that job was. Haven't checked the codes yet but I think my starter was the thing causing the codes to come up. Having said that, it starts up instantly now, a huge improvement - thanks for the photo - it helped!

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