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Breyton wide-body E46 330D

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Hello people! New member here, thought i'd introduce myself before I started asking questions.
It's been a while since driving/owning a BMW as I had some bad experiences with them before and now it seems my luck with them hasn't changed image.gif.d4b188eb7cb6cddd4e503a06b48ab731.gif. I've recently bought a very nice looking E46, as I feel they are probably the best looking (please go easy on me if you disagree). I used to own a couple of E30's but they went boom and one nearly got stolen, if it wasn't for the fact I had removed the battery they would've been successful, the bar stewards!

Anyway I was wondering if anybody had any info on the Breyton wide-body E46's? I think they made a few supercharged petrol versions but weren't very popular as they were nearly as costly as the M3's back then but not as powerful, hence the unpopularity. I have apparently the only RHD Breyton kitted E46 330D's, which is quite a nice drive and sounds pretty good for a diesel. That was until i snapped a couple of glow plugs whilst trying to change them image.gif.366c9dd263b0053b091fe4859473e3a7.gif lol.

Is there anybody on here that has one of these Breyton E46's? I ask as i'd love to find out more on the history of them, as I don't have much paperwork with the car when I bought it.

Anyway I hope to get it fixed asap and hope to share some photo's once finished as I quite like the looks of them, the rear arches blend nicely into the doors so it doesn't look too out of place like many 'wide body' kits tend to, and the front arches are subtly wide too and not over the top.

Thanks for reading, and please go easy on me i'm a newbie!image.gif.d4b188eb7cb6cddd4e503a06b48ab731.gif




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Wow! Didn't even know these existed! I knew about the Breyton aftermarket kit but didn't know they did fully-built cars.

Quick Google came up with this:


Doesn't look quite the same as yours, but could be the same one earlier in its life?

Would be worth fixing it up. If that ad is to be believed, it's 1 of 4 globally!

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