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Help with selecting wheels please

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Hi I have an e46 320d coupe, Im planning to get some new wheels for my car, currently I have the MV2s and i have new michelin pilot sport 4s which I am not willing to change out, I have 225/40/18 on the front and 255/35/18 on the rear, I have not lowered my car and I am planning to get some of the bola CSR which I have linked below. The front size they have are 8j which is fine for my front tyres but for my rear I will have to get 9j but currently they are 8.5j so I was wondering if the stretch would be risky or not. As well if anyone could recommend any other wheels I could get that fit my tyre setup please. As well what offset is best to go for and would I need spacers?


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It's not about width. You can technically get up to 10J to fit a non-M.

It's dependent on the offset.

The fact that the advert you linked to also sells with standard MV2 size tyres, I would assume the offsets aren't too bad so you should be able to use your PS4's.

To give you an idea, the MV2 are 8.5J with ET50.

If these are 9J but say ET40, the wheel would "poke" out just over 16mm. So giving the same effect as a 15mm spacer.

FYI - it's the rears that are always tight. The fronts are barely worth worrying about.

If I were you i'd call them and ask for the offset specs.

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