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Helpful E46 Websites (UK)

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For any irish guys here.

Donie comerford



co tipperary

Got a leather sport multifunction steering wheel + airbag for my cruise retrofit for €120.

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Here's another one a bit like realoem;


And here's one to see if that speed camera got you or not;

Speed camera database

HAHaaha... what an A-hole, lol!!! I just went on that speed camera site for a laugh and saw my car on there awaiting a ticket!! Felt sick as hell as I've just had 3pts come through before xmas so I woke the woman up and proceeded to quiz her about where we'd been that day/night then remembered I was at a meeting in London and my car was parked at the train station all day. Then i put her reg no in and that apparently has a speeding ticket on the same day too. Typed the alleged location into google and came across a website that says it's a blag as this one guy said he had one at same location when his car was parked up outside his home or work or whichever. Nearly punched myself in the head man, 'What? another bloody ticket??! Aaaaargh!!' Horrible....funny but horrible....Wifeys not impressed, already in her bad books today. LOL :punk:

Sorry, absolutely nothing to do with this thread. Please feel free to remove/delete as necessary :)

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Just to let people know that GS Autos has relocated with another garage, I say this as there are a couple of recommendations on the last page and I still use him, despite moving on to a 6 series.

New address is:


The Old Barn

Ledgers Road

Warlingham, Surrey


Also, Wimbledon Automatics are a fairly competent bunch when it comes to auto gearboxes.

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Hey, this is a BMW Specialist ive used once and plan on using alot more in my local area of Swadlincote (East Midlands)


Fantastic guys there. Very honest and friendly. I took my car for a Inspection II and they did at a very reasonable price.

Secondly CCtuning in Burton on Trent remap cars on a rolling road and have done a fair few BMW. Theyve included the results for Stage 1 tunes on the cras theyve worked on.


Hope that helps to your list.

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Hello, thanks for sharing those list with us. I was searching for it online and I am glad I have found your post. Actually, I want to read reviews online and I have found http://essaysaviour.review/ link. When I was searching for the reviews online on google search, I have found your post link over there and can't wait to see that list. I joined this website only wants to say thank you. 

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