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  1. I use 245/45/18 on the rears to give a little clearance Since taking this photo the cars been lowered and the wheels changed but still on the same spec
  2. ET40 and 245/35/18 on the 9.5 rear fits under standard arches ET35 on the front with 225/40/18 fit also Thats a coupe on standard suspension it has been lowered since
  3. Were did you get the gear shift boot and handbrake one from? Thanks
  4. Wasn't meant as a snide comment, When time is on your side and you can't take the suspension out to test fit a wheel you ask on a forum. Thats what its there for. Anyway Back on Topic. 18 x 9.5 ET43 with 3mm Spacer making it ET40. 235/40/18 Goodyear Tyres Fit well. Car's not lowered just standard or 20mm lower as its the m-sport thing(i think) Front's 18 x8.5 ET35 225/40/18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Next stop will be to lower the car Thanks all for the help and advice.
  5. Thanks that's answered my question Or Ask on a Forum save me taking the car apart.. Thanks for all the advice
  6. Ive Test fitted and jacked it up spun the wheel and no catching. Ive decided to buy 235/40/18 Tyres as a 255/35 would be too wide. Ive seen other E46's with 225/40/18 but that's too much stretch for me. If anyone is interested in some 255/35/18 Good Year Eagle F1's which have done low miles message away. Will be a few weeks though still looking at the wheels
  7. No Spacers yet, Will be running Standard tyre sizes 255/35/18 I'm going to test fit again today but jack the suspension up to see better
  8. I have a 2005 E46 Coupe. Im also new to posting so Hello. Ive just purchased some ARC EC-7 Wheels 18 x 8.5 ET35 and 18 x 9.5 ET43 and my test fit resulted in the rears looking close to the inner arch. Would this be a major problem? Will be running 255/35/18 Rear Tyres Front isn't a worry. Car in question currently has 18 x 8.5 ET38 Anyway Wheels Inner Arch
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