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    God knows if they sell at these prices.
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    done!! still got my face! had to compress on the lower part of the hat, which is NOT best practice. I’m a new convert to jacking the control arm up and releasing the nut with the strut in situ then lowering the jack to release the spring tension, unfortunately this is almost impossible to reverse as everything misaligns. Get the correct tools or get a garage to do it, I was terrified the whole time 🤣
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    that does seem to be a common fault, it can be adjusted by using different sized spring pads
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    Help Removing Rear Seat Back

    11 years for that and it was worth the wait 🤣
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    E90 won't rev above 2600

    that is a flipping complicated mix of parts you’ve got going on there! are you running the correct engine management for the engine you have fitted? 318d and 320d have different cam shaft profiles, could be part of your problem if the physical durations don’t match with what your computer is telling it to do when the boost comes on? I’m guessing now this sounds like an absolute nightmare to sort out, good luck 🤣

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