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  1. A new core will sort it. Had mine done a few years back by Midland Turbo, Electronic actuator does not need setting up despite what some say.
  2. Well after 6.1/2 years of owning my 2004 330D it is time to move on. Been deliberating for last few months as to what to get next but decided it had to be another 3 series. DPF's, turbos and the higher purchase price put me off buying another oil burner so have plumped for a 3 litre 325i M Sport...hope I don't regret it. One 330D manual now for sale!
  3. Could also be the ball joints in the rear hub, my top ones were shot last year.
  4. Your car starting problems have nothing to do with the Swirl flap actuator... if it is unplugged. Save your money to spend on your main problems first.
  5. Seeing as it doesn't throw up a dash warning light why not just leave it unplugged? Why go to all the trouble of having it mapped out when there are no other side effects?
  6. My glow plugs haven't worked for 6.1/2 years as the controller is goosed but car still starts first time, albeit a bit lumpy for a few seconds in winter.
  7. Yes it is under the manifold, can be accessed without taking the manifold off but is a real bitch to reach, it has a 90 degree wiring connector to it. It won't throw a warning light on the dash though, only a fault code.
  8. make sure the swirl flap actuator is unplugged even when blanked cos if the actuator is faulty and still plugged in it causes poor boost issues. This won't throw a dash warning only a fault code.
  9. it was unplugged it would show up as a fault but not throw a dash warning light.
  10. Have you tried un-plugging the electronic swirl flap actuator? Had very similar issues a few tears back and these only seem to be fitted to the 2004/2005 cars
  11. Fitted Ferodo discs and pads all round on mine 6 years ago and not had a problem
  12. Not as long as the snake of cars behind you!
  13. managed to get the 1/4 turn spring pin that holds the shoes to the back plate to stay in place so car got thru MOT, will have another go at the large bolts in a few weeks
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