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  1. coolant system o rings

    Both radiators and expansion tanks split soon after 90k. I've been there twice now. Get the Hella branded ones from Eurocarparts. They are what BMW fitted in the factory, so are OE. Not expensive from there either. Don't just do one or the other. Do both at the same time. Kirkynut
  2. I'm struggling to see the problem. It works fine and as it's supposed to when the engine is on and the pump is working. The level will go up and down with the pump not spinning as you are pushing fluid back and forth in the system rather than it be pumped through. I can't account for the air noise but then I've never really worried about turning the steering with the engine off on a car with power steering as why would you? Kirkynut
  3. Knock, knock!

    No wonder you can't work it out with all those new bits! I'm at a loss too! Your ball joints can't be gone again already, surely? Some MOT stations test bushes with this big rig that shakes the car with the tester under it. I wonder if seeking one of those out and asking them kindly to spend 15 minutes checking it is an idea. I've had it where wear didn't show in a panhard rod bush on my off-roader until I really wiggled the steering like a man possessed for my old MOT tester before he retired. This shaker thing might have picked it up. Kirkynut
  4. I'd imagine that these are the same as the car the Alpina is based on. I'm not that knowledgeable on them. Are they based on an M3 engine or a 330i? You could trust a local motor factors but I'd be careful of Eurocarparts for this car. Your main dealer might not be that expensive and you know you'll get the right part. Kirkynut
  5. 330d auto box failure

    It sounds like the torque converter has had it rather than the gearbox its self. I wonder if a second hand one that's known to work will be the best solution. If you have an automatic gearbox specialist near you, ask them as not all garages are that clever with auto's. Kirkynut
  6. Kirkynut's Mrs' Topaz 325i SE Saloon

    The eBay buyer failed to show up and pay. Complete Messer! It got to £475, which is more than scrap. I'll second chance it unless anyone on here wants it for spares and can collect it this weekend for that amount. I'll give a forum members first dibs if I'm contacted before the end of tomorrow when the dispute process ends and I offer if to the next highest bidder. Kirkynut
  7. Kirkynut's Mrs' Topaz 325i SE Saloon

    It's on eBay now: Kirkynut
  8. coolant system o rings

    A late reply but the hoses have O rings built in and they are not replaceable. Kirkynut
  9. Kirkynut's Mrs' Topaz 325i SE Saloon

    The Mrs' E46 has now been replaced by a 2006 Skoda Octavia vRS estate in blue. We still have the E46 on the drive whilst we decide what to do with it. I've still got my E46 320i saloon automatic but often consider something else. I'm torn between ease of driving an automatic vs the sportiness of a good manual. The 320i auto is never going to be a quick car either. Kirkynut
  10. I'm back with another E46

    Cruising is what convertibles are all about anyway, isn't it? Kirkynut
  11. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Looking good! Can you notice the difference with the new front wishbone bushes on? You're tempting me with that Android head unit now. I still need to get new wishbones and bushes but have had a fair bit of expense recently and no time. Kirkynut
  12. Opinion on possibly stupidity

    So tell us. Did you cook it up or is it ok still? Kirkynut
  13. Engine swap

    I have no knowledge of these specific engines but assuming they share the same sensors, with the same plugs on them, it's a straight swap. If there's a difference in one sensor you're buggered. You have both, so check. Any trigger wheels need the same number of teeth too. Assuming all sensors and trigger wheels are the same, you will just need to get the old ECU mapped to suit the new engine. Maybe a local tuner can take the map from the donor ECU and pop it on your ECU? Don't try to use the donor ECU. It's too much grief with the immobiliser. You'll need new keys for the transponder code etc. You should get the new engine running on the old ECU if all sensors are the same. Just don't drive it hard. It could run lean. Kirkynut
  14. So then. Have you fixed it? If so, what was the issue? Kirkynut
  15. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    My sits level on new Eibachs without a bigger spring pad. Kirkynut