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  1. Change the coolant level sensor in the expansion tank. Kirkynut
  2. How much can you make the hole of the pump bigger without compromising it's strength too much? If you can make it 1.5-2mm bigger that out to be enough to tap a slightly bigger thread and use a slightly bigger bolt with a thread you've got a tap for. Then you'll have to carefully drill and tap the block no deeper than the old one, less if possible as you don't really know if there's the material there to use before you go through into the coolant channels etc, unless you can see with the pump removed. Having said that, the shallower the thread, the easier it is to strip it again. This is likely do-able though. Kirkynut
  3. I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous... Sorry, just trying to convince myself! Well done, it looks nice. I'm looking forward to seeing its own thread. Kirkynut
  4. Sad to see another Zoner selling up. It is starting to get lonely on here sometimes. Enjoy whatever you go on to buy though. Kirkynut
  5. I've had an issue the last few weeks where if I boot it the car craps itself and either goes down to 5 cylinders or limp home mode - I could work it out as I stopped the engine quickly after. On restart all was good again. At first the EML came on with this but there were annoyingly no codes. Then P0303 started to come up and the problem came even when I was not booting it but the engine was cold. It always re-started fine with no light and the problem disappeared. So this code relates to a misfire on cylinder 3. Given that it was not happening all the time it made sense to me that it would be the coil pack breaking down on that cylinder. £23 later from Eurocarparts I have a Bosch replacement and hey presto, problem solved. Bosch are the OE manufacturer and the old originals have Bosch on them but with the BMW part number as well. I still need to get the front wishbones replaced as I can feel there is play in the bushes at the rear but I don't just want to replace the bushes, I'd rather do the wishbones and bushes to know I'm back at square one with all good stuff. I'm hoping to stockpile the parts soon and do it next month. I think I'll use poly bushes on new arms. Kirkynut
  6. This has sold on eBay to a chap who drifts old E46's with his son. He says he'll use the engine and gearbox out of it, so the shell will eventually be scrapped but never mind. Kirkynut
  7. Did you fill it up with the engine running and the box on neutral? If not you won't have got enough ATF in the box. Kirkynut
  8. I saw a chap on Bookface on Hot Hatch Fans Group I'm on doing a similar project with a Compact, a 330i engine conversion into a 325ti with Coupe front on. He's got it basically done but it is on odd wheels and needs painting. It looks good though and gave me an idea what yours will look like. Kirkynut
  9. Both radiators and expansion tanks split soon after 90k. I've been there twice now. Get the Hella branded ones from Eurocarparts. They are what BMW fitted in the factory, so are OE. Not expensive from there either. Don't just do one or the other. Do both at the same time. Kirkynut
  10. I'm struggling to see the problem. It works fine and as it's supposed to when the engine is on and the pump is working. The level will go up and down with the pump not spinning as you are pushing fluid back and forth in the system rather than it be pumped through. I can't account for the air noise but then I've never really worried about turning the steering with the engine off on a car with power steering as why would you? Kirkynut
  11. No wonder you can't work it out with all those new bits! I'm at a loss too! Your ball joints can't be gone again already, surely? Some MOT stations test bushes with this big rig that shakes the car with the tester under it. I wonder if seeking one of those out and asking them kindly to spend 15 minutes checking it is an idea. I've had it where wear didn't show in a panhard rod bush on my off-roader until I really wiggled the steering like a man possessed for my old MOT tester before he retired. This shaker thing might have picked it up. Kirkynut
  12. I'd imagine that these are the same as the car the Alpina is based on. I'm not that knowledgeable on them. Are they based on an M3 engine or a 330i? You could trust a local motor factors but I'd be careful of Eurocarparts for this car. Your main dealer might not be that expensive and you know you'll get the right part. Kirkynut
  13. It sounds like the torque converter has had it rather than the gearbox its self. I wonder if a second hand one that's known to work will be the best solution. If you have an automatic gearbox specialist near you, ask them as not all garages are that clever with auto's. Kirkynut
  14. The eBay buyer failed to show up and pay. Complete Messer! It got to £475, which is more than scrap. I'll second chance it unless anyone on here wants it for spares and can collect it this weekend for that amount. I'll give a forum members first dibs if I'm contacted before the end of tomorrow when the dispute process ends and I offer if to the next highest bidder. Kirkynut
  15. It's on eBay now: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-325i-manual-saloon-spares-or-repair-or-cheap-drift-car-2000-X-reg-/192836936802 Kirkynut
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