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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oil-Cooler-Line-Disconnect-Tool-BMW-7263-by-Laser-New/133108971967?epid=22009523056&hash=item1efde9b9bf:g:Uk8AAOSwgn1dJvAh One of these. Kirkynut
  2. The Bike Mental Health group looks like a great idea. I've a few colleagues who'd be interested to set up something similar locally. I'll mention it to them. I had a 2002 Fazer from new but sold it when my mate threw his down the road in front of me during a ride out one day. I got into scooters just to find them dangerous things to ride until mine got written off by a car rear ending me at a roundabout. Your car's looking good and I really do like that rear spoiler! Kirkynut
  3. Cheers! I replaced a power steering pipe today - the one off the reservoir to the cooler attached to the radiator on the right side (UK passenger side). It was splitting I'd noticed when I'd put the jubilee clips on the two pipes off of the reservoir. It didn't seem to leak as such but was always moist, even after the jubilee clip was put on to replace the original crimp. It must therefore have been porous. I tried to get the push fitting off when I last worked on it but after an hour and a half of swearing and watching YouTube videos of no useful information at all I resigned myself to the fact that a specific tool is required and ordered it. With the tool the bugger comes straight off without a sniff of a fight! So pipe changed with no fluid lost or spilt due to cunningness. I've just got to get the front tyres swapped over as mentioned before and I'm pretty sure that really is it for a while! Now I've gone and done it most likely but really all the jobs to keep an E46 reliable have been done. Kirkynut
  4. Well, now my rear pads and discs have bedded in and I can brake normally I'm so much happier with the car. The feeling through the brake pedal was ruining the driving experience more than I appreciated I think. I think I'd just got used to it being the norm as braking performance was not reduced, I just hated the feeling and knew it was not right. When I replaced the front discs with the Brembos I thought it improved but it must have been the placebo effect combined with wishful thinking as I really didn't think that the rear discs would cause that. So those Brembos were likely fine and I wasted money replacing them. You live and learn though and I'm sure that the ATE pads and discs on the front are better quality, albeit not so much I'd notice. I have read many times over Momo, that Pagid can be dusty but my experience is that it is marginal and I know that they perform well and don't do silly things like come un-bonded from their backing plates etc. I drove the Mrs Octavia vRS the day before yesterday and I'm getting used to the power now. It's still rapid as hell but as with all cars, you get used to the power and they're not as exciting. This makes me less inclined to spend money on getting something similar. I've had mine in manual mode and hooked up a few corners on a rural road nicely and I know how to keep momentum from years of driving underpowered cars. I'd love to have a car that I can squirt the throttle on the exit of a bend slide the rear out at will though! I can't afford an E46 M3 mind! So you may have guessed that I'm not flirting with the idea of changing my car any longer (for the moment). I did even find myself looking at coilovers on the internet last night but that's a silly idea and I haven't gone down that route because I know how impractical it would become and how I would regret it. Should the shocks go bad I'd just put some Billies on it. The front tyres need replacing but I thought about that when we sold the Mrs 325i and kept the only just legal rears when we replaced them with new Avons about 2 months before we sold it. I then got them put back on when we sold it and have the barely used ones in the shed, ready to go on mine. That was a cunning move as I'll have new front tyres for winter at only the cost of fitting and balancing, which is getting cheaper the more I become a regular customer at our local place with 3 cars and I've bought several sets of wheels from them now. I've had ideas run through my head like putting it into the body shop for a re-spray in a solid grey like on Audis or Focus ST's. It would need both rear arches replaced and a few dents removed to be like new. Then I remind myself of why 3 corners have small scuffs on them and how angry I'd be if I got it painted and then someone scuffed it when parked again, which they will. So I'll just enjoy it as it is, which is hard for a serial modder! I've a couple of ideas for small touches to individualise it though. Kirkynut
  5. Not when E46's were made, it was ATE. Your calipers even have the ATE logo on, as does the brake fluid reservoir. The whole braking system is ATE. Kirkynut
  6. I've been at it today and replaced the rear pads and discs with ATE discs as they are what BMW would fit but in a BMW box and as I could not get ATE pads I got Pagid pads as the next best thing. These are more expensive than other good brands but I know they are good and will cause me no issues. I've just been out to bed them in a bit as the drive to work in traffic would not do this or do new discs and pads much good. I'm pleased to say (as is my wallet) that the pulsing through the brake pedal has finally gone and there's no hint of it - so the cheap rear discs the selling garage fitted when I bought it were the culprit. No more rusty looking discs though the rear wheels either. I've also adjusted the handbrake just nicely as my last efforts for the MOT did not get it tight enough for my liking, albeit it performed ok for the MOT. So now that it is mechanically sound I and there is not much else I think can need replacing from the usual E46 bits I am foolishly still thinking of selling up for something a bit more short wheel based, front wheel drive fun. I loved my Fiesta ST150 and my Suzuki Ignis Sport and my son will be able to climb into the rear of a 3 door hatch fine as he does my modified Suzuki Jimny. I've even considered driving my Jimny as a daily to save on tax and insurance but it is nice to have a third car for when one needs to be repaired! Decisions, decisions! Anyone want to make me an offer on my mechanically sound 320i auto to make my mind up for me? Kirkynut
  7. If an O2 sensor was playing up you'd have a code for it now. They're pretty definite codes as the ECU knows if the readings it gives are way out of whack. If I'm honest I was a little concerned when you said you had a new MAF sensor off eBay for £25 as it's a bit too good to be true at that price. A known to be good guaranteed used one would be a better bet. So to my mind I'm still a bit stuck on the MAF sensor being the fault still. How much does the main dealer want for a genuine new one? Kirkynut
  8. Sounds like we have identified the problem 100% for sure, so just need to get that second hand one on when it arrives, turn out the light and with luck the replacement is good, it continues to run good and the light stays off! Kirkynut
  9. I'd have expected the Engine Management Light to have come on and there to be a code. Is this bit the case? It was in my Mrs 325i when I forgot to plug it back in once. Kirkynut
  10. I would stick to genuine gaskets as they will last longer than the Eurocarparts ones and they end up cheaper when you only have to do the job once every 90k or so. You have to be a little careful when buying from Eurocarparts as some of the stuff they sell is complete crap. One thing I got from them that seems to be ok is a tensioner made by INA. However, I was then in my dealer after I bought it and asked how much it would have been from them and the tensioner and belt as a kit was the same price as just the tensioner from Eurocarparts! So try your dealer first for genuine! Kirkynut
  11. It would be great but I don't get time for fun things like that these days! Work and a 3 year old see to that! Kirkynut
  12. My Shark fin aerial is ok. My Mrs old rear screen heater based aerial wasn't as good, especially when you turned the heater on. Kirkynut
  13. Not bad first attempts. I've never had the time to try this and my photoshop skills are not up to it. Kirkynut
  14. I've got my fingers crossed for you! Have you fitted the new MAF sensor and deleted the code from it being disconnected? Kirkynut
  15. Time will tell because it was a sporadic fault. Faults that are not constant are a pain to identify and with no codes to assist it really is a case of educated guess work. The trouble with that is some people are happy to throw parts at a fault until they hit the jackpot and fix it by luck. Garages do that with other people's money! Some keyboard mechanics, particularly on Facebook are like it too as they think they know everything. That's why I suggest un-plugging the MAF sensor plug first as it's free. If it's not that we'll have to have a re-think but there's air leaks and things to consider that are likely and can be found for little or no cost too. Kirkynut
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