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  1. I sold this last weekend. I'm using my heavily modified Suzuki Jimny as my daily now. I might have another E46 in the future but for now this is a money saving exercise and to be honest, I'm quiet happy knocking about town in the Jimjam. I can park it in a car park and not care about parking dings. If someone wants to open their door against my 3mm thick tube rock sliders, they can with my blessing! Something tells me they won't do it intentionally though! My boy is happy having Daddy's Tractor to ride in more often too. It's been emotional but I have left the E46 fold. See you when you're older! Kirkynut
  2. Well I spoke too soon in the post above. The next day it went into Limp Home mode every time I floored it, which I was doing more often to re-assure myself it was definitely fixed, just to establish it wasn't. So on 15th Jan I changed the spark plug on cylinder 3 and it's been fine since. I left the engine cover off until yesterday as it's a faff keep taking it off whilst trying to sort such an issue. My main job yesterday was fitting these though: They are these: https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-17H4374 Just before Christmas I was on my way home with the Mrs from an evening out with the Mother in Law babysitting when a couple of miles from home a scraping noise started in what sounded like the rear offside wheel at wheel speed. I immediately suspected the handbrake mechanism and I was right. I thought I'd changed all of the regular E46 problem parts, seemingly not as I did not know that the holes in the rear brake back plates that the pins go through and twist to lock the handbrake shoes in place rust. This causes the pins to be able to come through the enlarged hole. Bimmerforums came up with these washers as a solution. They need a little fettling for the pin to go through the hole but other than that they're a neat and cheap solution. So now it really runs great and I have a working and nicely adjusted handbrake again. I might have to sell this soon though as money is tighter and I might have to run my modified Jimny as a daily. So if anyone wants to make me an offer on this 320i with more new parts on than the shelves in the dealer's, feel free! Kirkynut
  3. Yes it makes sense and it helps that the plugs have not been cut off in a botched effort to mate the two but I suggest you don't have a botched effort to mate the two and just get the right mirrors second hand. It has to be the easiest solution. Kirkynut
  4. Firstly, my knowledge on diesels is limited but when I hear or read about ticking noises on engines I usually think of sticky hydraulic cam followers. Is the ticking at crank speed or cam speed. Cam speed is about twice that of the crank if you can understand what I'm saying and can hear the noise at tickover. I'm guessing that you believe that an injector is ticking? The lesser amount from 2&3 than 1&4 seems odd on your leak down test and may indicate an issue with flow rates but I'm not sure it diagnoses the ticking. I'd seek garage advice from a reputable independent that has knowledge on diesels before spending money on injectors until the ticking is sorted out. The oil change you did would likely have had a positive effect on the ticking if it is a sticky cam follower. It's so hard to diagnose noises online. Kirkynut
  5. Yes,I think that when you replace the wheel speed sensor and reset it, the problem will be fixed. Handy reading that camshaft sensor fault before it failed though! Kirkynut
  6. I've not messed with my mirrors I'm afraid. Has he left you the original plugs for the original mirrors or hacked it all about? If he's left the original plugs I think I would be tempted to buy some correct mirrors in the right colour second hand and do it the easy way! Kirkynut
  7. On Friday I took my boy to gymnastics about 6 miles away via an A road with 40,50 and 70 mph limits and as I accelerated hard from a set of traffic lights it went into limp home mode. We were nearly there, so I carried on and popped the code reader on it to get P0303 again. I turned it off and back on again and it ran fine, as long as I didn't rag it. Typical symptoms of a coilpack going bad! So why was it eating coilpacks on cylinder 3 I wondered? I've continued to use it gently and sparingly and this afternoon looked at it properly. The spark plug on cylinder 3 was only finger tight and there was a bit of oil on the sealing area of it. I cleaned it up, checked the gap and put it back in tight. I checked all the others were tight and nipped them up a little, put it all back together and it's now fine! I know that I did them all up tight when I changed the spark plugs earlier in the year but this was certainly loose. The threads are ok and it tightened up ok, so why it was loose is a mystery. Nonetheless, it runs fine and a good ragging has confirmed that it's fixed! No new coilpack needed or any money spending, which makes a change! How annoying though! Kirkynut
  8. Yes, I shall ask as I have the receipt. There's a few causes of failed coilpacks though, so I shall have to see what they say. 6 months and 3k miles is a strange time frame. From what I've read, they can fail when there's high resistance but often only after a few weeks. To get one back from Eurocarparts to lob in the boot might be the best solution as even if that one is ok now, there's a reasonable chance another will call time at some point. Kirkynut
  9. On 26/06/19 I replaced coilpack on cylinder 3 as it went down. On 23/12/19 as I hunted for a parking space at work the engine management light came on and it was running rough. I parked up and put the code reader on it and got P0303 staring back at me. Annoyed I was! I replaced it with a Bosch original, just like I'd get from BMW but without the BMW badge or price! Rather than get the replacement for the replacement from Eurocarparts again I went to GSF. Another £24 later and I've replaced it today. The Eurocarparts one had got hot and had signs of melting and overheating on the sides. We shall see how long this replacement lasts. Kirkynut
  10. It's hard to tell about the head gasket without seeing the car. It could just have a coolant leak and the bubbles are the system bleeding. My auto doesn't clonk when any gear is selected. I'd leave that one alone. Kirkynut
  11. These guys only do good quality stuff. It's reflected in the price but hey! https://www.mstyle.co.uk Kirkynut
  12. If it's orange, not red, it's the oil level sensor taking its time to decide that the oil level is ok. They all do this. I changed one on the Mrs old 325i, which we've sold on now but it still ended up doing it. My 320i does it too. I'm not changing the sensor as it goes out after 10 seconds or so as you say. What's the issue with that? Kirkynut
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