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    'like' System Added To Forum

    A few members have requested we have a similar feature to facebook, where members can 'like' a post. (mentioned here) I have now enabled the 'like' system on the forum. Every member can use this facility and anyone who views the site (guests included) can see who has 'liked' what topic. Hopefully this may stop topics from getting 'spammed', but it also could be used as a tool to promote guides and helpful posts. There are limits in place that mean you cannot like every topic, members have 30 likes a day, subscribers have 100. You are unable to 'like' your own post. It is also possible to see what a user has 'like''d in their profile. Likes do not bump topics.
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    27 year old Cosworth

    I'm a new member on here, my BMW is in the other room but here's my toy The spec is a GT3076r turbo on a long studded motorsport block, BD16+ inlet cam, Hart inlet, 100mm intercooler, anti lag, launch control, wasted spark, closed loop fueling, level 8 ECU, Live mapped peaking 36psi plus tonnes of other bit's to make it all work together RS Owners club show on Sunday wearing it's spare wheels The underside
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    DEVIL 666

    Got bored so I did a simulator

    I hate winter it's so boring, raining and cold every day so I did a simulator. This is my first one, not the best but not bad either. I will do a bigger one in the future, hopefully I can get a Recaro seat for that. Few pics, enjoy. After painting:
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    You want pixcs? ill give you pics you dirty animal
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    After a little over 4 years and circa 70,000 miles, I've just waved goodbye to my E46 as it departed off to be with its new owner - my ol' man It's been a fabulous car - it really has. Just shy of 200,000 miles in total, it's been a loyal servant thumping me up and down the A12 every day in comfort and with epic reliability. I don't think I've ever spent less maintaining a car, it just ran and ran and ran. So goodbye Mr E46: You will be missed So what have I replaced it with? Let me see, what were my original requirements: 1) Reliable 2) Economical 3) Practical 4) Under £8k 5) A good drive So I may have applied a little weighted scoring to the parameters and ended up with something which ticked approximately the sum total of the square root of NONE of those in categories 1) through to 4), but did tick the 5) box nicely There could be only one option Yes, Man maths said this was a worthy financial 'investment' and therefore not a potential lead balloon. Oh well, decisions made with the heart are just the best way to financially cripple your liquidity - just ask my wife. Onwards and upwards. I'll pop in from time to time to see what's old in the world of BMW. Thanks for everything you guuuuuuuuyyyys
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    And I hope everyone's noticed ive done MAINTAINANCE BEFORE MODS!!!!
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    Rich_D's Carbon Black M5

    Well, I've only gone and done it... Details: 2001 (Y-Reg) facelift E39 M5 saloon 5.0 litre V8 engine & 6 speed manual gearbox Carbon black metallic bodywork Full black nappa leather seats (electric & heated) Brushed aluminium interior trims Widescreen navigation system with 2013 maps Electric sliding metal sunroof Xenons, front & rear PDC, etc... usual M5 spec Full & detailed service history with a folder full of bills Recent new genuine clutch Thermostat & coolant recently replaced Loads of suspension & steering parts refreshed Superb bodywork for the age Alloys have just been professionally refurbed Full Milltek exhaust system with race cats (£2.5k) Owned by a close friend, who has pampered it, so I know the history A couple of quick photos >>> The noise is makes with the exhaust is awesome... It's not overly loud if you are driving normally, a lovely deep burble from the exhaust, but when you open up the taps, WOW!!!
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    allan k

    E46 zone has a lot of good people

    just thought I would put this post up,over the years I have been on here there has been a lot of good members on here that I have bought things of our I have gained knowledge of them our I have sold things back,,so just thought I would say what a cracking forum this is lads on her always willing to help and not rip anyone of and saving each other a fortune instead on getting stitched by loads of con people on eBay..so thanks to everyone that has helped over the years.. And am sure nearly everyone on this forum can say this... I no there is feedback forum but just thought I would put this up cheers ladies and gents ???
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    I'll just leave this here
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    Do you hog the midde lane

    £100 fine for bad drivers? Isn't that a bit sexist?
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    Bob's Silver grey 330 Ci Convertible

    Ok, here it is, my new (to me) E46 I picked it up on the 27th March, it's a 2005, 6 speed manual. I'm the third owner and it's done 100,000 miles. I don't like to use the term fully loaded but it has had quite a few of the options ticked off. Mk4 sat nav, Exclusive futura red garnet leather interior, heated with electric lumbar, Adaptive bi-xenon headlights, Powerfold mirrors, TPWS, 10 speaker stereo, Bluetooth phone prep. So far I have just been tidying up a few loose ends, updating the nav firmware, fitting some car mat clips, filling the tool kit up, fitting a first aid kit, fitting a glovebox torch, pairing the phone, removing the phone cradle and putting my roller door cubby hole in. I find it quite satisfying to do the simple stuff like that. I haven't really got many if any mods planned for it, I'd like just a few little enhancements to the interior and at some point I will try my style 42's on it with spacers.
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    The moneypit

    Unlucky Alf strikes again

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    Fitted the new wheel that I got off the Mrs tonight & a brand new gear knob from bmw
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    Police - a friend of mine was mugged early hours of the morning whilst taking some cash out in town, was taken to stoke trauma unit with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. The police found the two guys who did it within an hour and a half using CCTV and other sources of information. My friend is recovering slowly, but i have got to say fair play to the police here - the offenders had run from the scene 5 mins before the police managed to get there alerted by some passers by. They also prevented the same friends family car being stolen this weekend, and pulled the guys who were going to do it. Its a VXR8, unmarked car sat a few houses down and observed a van driving past the house every hour or so, after observing them following the car to a from the owners (His mums) place of work for a week. I'll never say a bad word again, although there are some a-holes about in the force, they're certainly doing a good job in my book. Saved my friends life and got the offenders and saved the family from two considered dangerous persons breaking into the house for the keys in the night. Also goes to show how careful you have to be nowadays, if it had been a lass instead of my mate who is quite a big lad and not been able to put up a bit of a fight, she could've been dead. Brings home how much we take for granted and all.
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    just got back and took some of my own photos, just finished processing them, he was using the flashes so will be much better, but i managed get one with his flash trigger on my camera
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    I've left a deposit and a list of things they need to sort out. Should be collecting it tail end of next week. 2005 Silver grey facelift 330 sport convertible. It's pretty much fully loaded and includes- Exclusive red heated leather with adjustable lumbar support Factory Sat Nav with digital TV 10 speaker stereo Adaptive Xenons (I think they are bi-xenons) Power fold mirrors Bluetooth telephone prep Here's a couple of pics from the ad
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    Grreat news, they have painted all the panels and bumpers now, the rest was in the booth when i got there, didnt get a shot because they turned the booth lights off before i go a chance, they've started rubbing down for polishing too. Had to use the camera phone so the white balance is miles out, ive adjusted for the paintwork and left the background yellow.
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    The Happy Topic :-)

    My missis sucking me off whilst I swig coffee and catch up on last night's Wheeler Dealers. It hasn't happened yet, and probably won't, but she was a bell end this morning so there is always potential.
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    Shark fin

    Cutting Fins off sharks for the purpose of car styling is cruel Animal Cruelty is not acceptable
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    Thing is she doesn't know your not the next mental health patient that's just rocked up. Soooo you should have stripped naked and taken a s**t on her windscreen whilst screaming "poo monkey doesn't like car park dings on his motor"
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    A political debate on terrorism

    I'm a "Pakistan people" as you put it... And I'd never in a million years incite "deadly retribution" Get a grip! And from what I see these guy's were not Pakistani. But of African origin... (Not that it matters) I've edited what it should say IMHO Now my family have lived in Scotland for almost 100 yrs, (grandad lived here in the 30's) It gets really upsetting to hear and be branded as such 'people' As a 'Human being' I find what happened today very sick and upsetting.. These extremists are not associated with any religion!!! If they call themselves 'Muslims' then I'm ashamed to call myself one... They are nothing but sick cowards that are out to tarnish honest people! Feel really sorry for the family of the Soldier. R.I.P
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    Coupes Are Not Made For Fat Bitches!

    So i picked the GF up from her friends house after a night out and got talked into dropping 2 friends home on the way... The GF staggered over to the car followed by a hippo and a slim bird. I let them get in the passenger side and the skinny one gets in first followed by the hungry hippo... As she gets in (struggling between the passenger seat and the rear door seal) the car looked like it was on HSDs!!! Anyway after pulling off and hitting speed humps at 2mph all the way home she decides to scream directions in my ear even tho i told her 4 times i know where she lives as i had dropped the GF there before! Anyway as we pull up outside her flat she attempts to jump out and again gets wedged between the passenger seat and the the door seal! Her skinny mate was pushing her ass in a attempt to help her pass the flattened passenger seat and my GF was pulling her by the arms. Then POP! Shes out! All i could see was the seal trim hanging off as shes broken the glue behind it and somewhere along the line she had pulled the left side plastic cover off of the passenger exit handle on the way out! It was like watching birth on the discovery channel from inside the womb! Shes now banned from the car as a result! RANT OVER! Would just like to add that i possess no sympathy for people that are severely overweight purely as its all there own fault. No one forces that amount of s**te down their throat! On a plus the 15mm spacers all round didnt make the wheels scrub!
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    My new toy GT2 :-)

    I sold my Escort Cosworth and bought one of these. Its an investment but will be used at some point on the odd day. Not driven the car yet, she has been sat in my garage since January.
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    I was looking for an E46 M3, but...

    Meet my R32's replacement.
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    sive s

    Woohooo got the job.

    hey Zoners. After 2 years of struggling to find a job in my field. Finally got one, woohoo. The job is working for a Design Consultation company. Mainly using Solidworks. Now time to get experience. Sorry had to share it with the zoners. Now need to save up and buy that m3. Thanks for reading Sive.
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    Let Dad have a little go....
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    A few pictures of my e46 M3

    Here's a few pictures of my M3 A few pictures of the Interior
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    Jamie's 330ci Cabriolet

    Links to my previous journals imola red 325ci - http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=227354 sapphire black 325ci - http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/42815-jays-slammed-coupe/ tiAg silver 325ci - http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/40063-jays-325ci-sport/page-1 estoril clubsport - http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/33062-jays-fully-loaded-chavspoot-sold/page-1 silber grau 330ci - http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/36054-jays-coop-nature-brown-leather-not-cinnamon-lol/ topaz 330ci - http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/48231-jays-330ci-sport/page-1 sapphire black 330ci- http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/57201-jamies-latest-330ci-blackberry-nappa-elipsoids/page-1 sienna red 323i - http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/41775-jays-323i-sienna-red-granddad-spec-beauty/page-6 From the ad For sale my wife's 330ci convertible. She has just collected her new car this afternoon and. Much to hers and the childrens dissapointment this must now go. Genuine front discs and pads in December Genuine rear shocks and mounts just replaced Genuine front lower control arm bushes just replaced Genuine rear trailing arm busches just replaced Four wheel alignment just carried out Four tyres just replaced 3000 miles ago All four wheels dipped, refurbished and powder coated Westfalia detachable towbar new 2014 iPod connectivity and CD6 Full service history all receipts and all MOTs Oilservice done February at BMW Crankcase breather done at BMW February Airbag recall carried out Hood treated every year Gearbox oil just changed The car has wanted for nothing as it carried my children around. Wife and kids are gutted this is going and has been replaced by a tin top. Registration number displayed is not included and is subject to transfer. Thanks for looking So. The things I've assessed which need attention from initial inspection are; New gearknob Leather needs scuff mastering - Done 6/4/15 Rear OS arch needs a rust bleb fixing Hood needs a good clean Bodywork needs mopping - done 3/4/15 Carbon cube needs spraying - done 4/4/15 Things I want to do are; Swap bumper from the coupé as its freshly painted - Done 4/4/15 Fitted my new Royal steering wheels wheel - Done 3/4/15 Chinese eBay OEM look head unit A few nice things I noticed on collection is; It has OEM xenon headlights It has heated seats It had a clutch & DMF less than 10,000 miles ago. The owner was the wife of the MD at Haliwell jones bmw in southport Now, I know my initial progess starts with 'fit eBay coils' but seeing as it's one of the most expensive e46s I've ever owned I don't want to 'ruin it' if you will, the fact I can drive anywhere at the moment & not have to plan my route is very appealing, plus the fact its on new shocks, and just had 4 wheel laser alignment, at most It will be treated to eibach pro kit.
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    Bungers' TVR Tuscan

    Always wanted one of these and with their prices rising rather rapidly, it was a now or never purchase. Its not been used for over 3 years & has only covered 28,000 miles in total. Finished in Midnight blue with a full leather Portland & Nimbus grey interior. I got it home Friday & started on the much needed deep clean - wheels off, cleaned & waxed, all windows cleaned & polished, whole car clay barred (the paint was rough as hell & had loads of contamination on it), coat of poor boys black hole, then a coat of natty's blue. All leather was cleaned & conditioned. It now feels/looks much better. It's got a few minor issues (show me one that hasn't!), but I'll get them sorted soon enough. I just need to get it fully serviced up, then I can start on adding some little touches. Not driven it in anger much but it's an absolute weapon, will definitely be a fair weather car!
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    As some of you may know my intention was to change the look with alternative parts i have collected over the build, just to keep things fresh and swap and change when i fancy it. So heres they are BMW 359 reps Gunmetal Grey w/ Michelin PPS Original M3 Diffuser Clear indicators Colour Coded Grilles
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    now she's settled down i'm loving the final ride height, luckily as is wont go any lower lol
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    my e24

    e24's seem to getting quite popular theses day it has been been with us since 1989 and in my care since 2001. I've put in a lot of time and money into it (more so than what a so called good example costs) recent works involved a full mechanical overhaul, suspension including every bush, overhaul of the cooling system, brakes steering and top and tail of the engine. i finally got the car back on the road last weekend and took it up to worcester for the retro gathering interior and detail shots original dealer reproduction tax disc holder and number plates fitted
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    Jay's 323i Siennarot

    Took a few pictures tonight with the DSLR - im no expert but think these turned out alright Car as it stands has; Jom coilovers 15mm front hubcentric spacers 20mm rear hubcentric spacers front topmounting lugs removed & set to maximum neg camber LED number plate lights just painted the dash trims Piano black Chrome dial rings Alpine single din head unit wetvacc'ed interior as that light grey doesn't hide dirt well! Gave it a couple of coats of Poorboys black hole, it really needs a machine polish soon. Re-fitted the front number plate as I couldn't be bothered getting pulled. Plans are; new centre caps new gearknob wheels refurbed as theyre scabby. hopefully new wheels in the new year try & find some sports front seats to match the rest of the trim. Uber rare split folding rear seats means getting a new full interior isn't really an option. Thanks for looking Jamie.
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    just been sent this
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    27 year old Cosworth

    Haven't posted any pictures for a wile, the car is now complete and tucked up for the winter New motor built up going in In
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    Well I went to MRC Tuning in Banbury yesterday and got my car on the rollers. Absolutely made up with the results I achieved... 318bhp / 515lbft Videos of the run... Still more to come though....watch this space....
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    I bought my 330cd in February last year with warranty. After 3 weeks I was in flywheel trouble, and was having warm start issues which turned out to be 4 x injectors shot. He refused to help me in any way and said the car had been "fit for purpose". I'm not going to name and shame them, but they sell 30 cars per week - so they are by no means a small independent dealership. Anyway, one year later and we have been through the courts, and I cashed my cheque today which covers all of the repairs which I did. And now I have a mint, healthy and trouble free car - delighted with the outcome! A piece of advice for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Be sticky, the dealer will deny all liability and try to drag it out for as long as possible, hoping that you are too naive to realize that as a consumer you are protected for up to 6 months after purchase - regardless of warranty or not; or under the hope that you will shrug your shoulders and take it on the chin. If anyone wants any advice then drop me a pm.
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    Has anybody got snapchat ?

    I'm a big fan of big tits and long legs, but as I'm getting older I'm having to accept that I'm more likely to be dealing with long tits and big legs. Such is life.
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    I'm Engaged :)

    Congrats,I've been engaged 20 years and 2 kids later but I just don't want to rush into marriage
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    Kit kat advert ft e46

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    Show me your aftermarket stereo

    Aftermarket headunits look s**t in E46's. End of.
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    should i see her again?!

    mate, I wouldn't give a s**t! I'd be more interested if she takes it up the wrongun' Hope this helps. Jamie
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    Zimmer's Discussion Topic - FOR SALE

    Maintenance > Mods! FFS Ricky! Like if you agree please!
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    "is That A 325I Mate......"

    ....is the question I got asked yesterday by the guy who repaired my alloy....."...sounds lovely" Me..."no mate its a 330 diesel".. Him (in disbelief)...."DIESEL!!!! Doesnt sound anything like a diesel........has it been chipped???" Me.."Yes mate, running about 280bhp" Him....JAW HITS THE DECK.....'....unbelieveable....bet thats fun' This ^ is the reason why I like to be different....no one is expecting the responses!! hahaha!! Needless to say I left him with his mouth open as I departed....slightly sideways lol
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    Small update, they've been putting the electrics back in, central locking, airbags etc. but they've, apparently, held off putting the roof off until tomorrow as it needs to go in the oven, the polyurethane adhesive needs to be used at 25 degrees, so they are putting it in the oven late tomorrow at 25 degrees for an hour then turn it off and leave it in there until monday morning to ensure a good fix by not moving it around. makes sense i suppose, the bumpers, handles etc are in the booth ready to be painted tomorrow morning.* *As with all updates this has to be taken with a large pinch of salt
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    Sonar Daddy

    D-Day Veteran`s

    On this day,i salute each and every one of you brave brave men,to make it through the horror of the landings,and the even bloodier 2 month battle for Normandy itself....you all have something I do not have,i could not imagine myself acting with the courage you all had.The storey of the 89 yr old navy vet in a care home who was told(after failing to get on the official visit)by his care home it would be to difficult for him to go,they couldn`t arrange it and so said no to his request to go.......well,he left on his own at 10.30 in the morning and under his own steam arrived safe and well to join his comrades........well done sir,bloody well done indeed. god speed to you all

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