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  1. Word of warning, if you ever find yourself about to buy anything from these guys to save yourself a few quid, think long and hard about it before you do. Bought an exhaust from them, taken it to two highly experienced exhaust centres in the West Midlands, and both say the same thing, manufactured wrongly, will not fit. Seller is not interested in the slightest about having the exhaust back because he claims that "they use jigs to make them, it can never be wrong". Out of pocket and pissed off. Beware.
  2. It should do, ive had two eirisins, the ones that look like standard units mind, but they both fit straight in and fit well, so id be surprised if they got it wrong.
  3. Larry D

    New car

    Sooooo, it's been a while, hope everyone is ok! I still have my 328, it's quite the car, i love it, well, loved it, until yesterday! I changed all cooling system components about two years ago, and yet, driving yesterday, a funny noise occurred up front, quickly followed by a battery light, and after pulling over, no powersteering, and all the coolant gushing onto the floor. Popped the bonnet, and the belts are still on, so God knows what happened, going to strip it tomorrow. Sooooo, i was stuck for a car. And i found this! 330 manual Msport convertible. A few problems, thermostat is probably shot, temp gauge bobs down a lot, and the mileage is shocking! Does anyone know anyone in the West Midlands with a diagnostic setup!?
  4. I've got one of these, same problem, aerial connector hits the air feed, do you have a pic of how you fixed the problem? Also, my buttons are not illuminating, it flashes on powerup, but then goes off and won't come back on with headlights, any ideas?
  5. Thanks alot for the info guys, pretty conclusive ending! Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the reply daz. I phoned the seller, he seems to think 235, is max, wonder why that is? I checked, MVs are indeed ET50, which means you could comfortably run 10mm spacers on your rears?
  7. Im looking at some wheels, 8j with 8.5j at the rear 18s. ET is 40 front and rear, what width can i go upto on the rear without ruining a standard arch? Thanks for your time.
  8. Look at the feed hose for the jets, crimped because the bonnet ruins it?
  9. If its a welded on unit, you need to cut the cat off, stick something like a long pry bar inside, smash all the guts out of it, then weld it back on.
  10. Spot on that mate, do one for a king sized bed and eBay!
  11. 330 discs and calipers are straight up bolt on, but the backing plates aren't, and your original handbrake shoes won't reach the inside of the 330 discs, equalling no handbrake
  12. Larry D

    Eonon or Erisin

    How much did you pay for it?
  13. 328, 110k, change the oil yearly because i do about 9k a year, never loses a drop
  14. Check the earths on the holder mate
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