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  1. Its 2 up and 2 dogs so it gets a little cramped.
  2. How much more room is there in a Touring boot compared to a Coupe. I need more room when we go away so I thought change my Coupe for a Touring.
  3. If I use it everyday it's fine no noise. Been googling, could it be a vanos problem?
  4. When I start the car when it has been stood for a few days, it makes a rattling noise untill the oil light goes out, I've checked the oil level which is ok, should I be worried?
  5. Sorry for hijacking, I need new front discs and pads for my 330, but can't see them listed on the site, what part numbers did you order?
  6. If anyone is interested they were the right ones
  7. I've just bought some genuine BMW ones on ebay they are 68mm, I hope they fit, part no is 33136768640.
  8. What size are the centre caps on MV1 alloys, 68mm or 70mm?
  9. Kick down works ok at 80, not that I've tried it though
  10. Yeah 80mph is just under 3000rpm, so same as yours.
  11. Your probably right, this is my first 5 speed auto, still getting to grips with it
  12. Yes if it drops a gear its ok, I just thought it should take off in top gear when you press the pedal without it kicking down.
  13. Do the 330 auto's not have alot of torque, I noticed this weekend on my first long run that at 80 in top, when I put my foot down, it doesn’t really take off like I thought a 3L engine would, is this how they are?
  14. Cheers, just been looking with a torch and found 2 adjusters on both lights, so I can adjust dip and main
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