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  1. Please see my eBay add below. Beautiful aggressive concave rear perfect for an E92 or I believe they should be the right size for an E46 m3 too. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274727579258 07510 965999 - Based in Redditch/B'ham
  2. eBay Link click here Cash on collection only 07510 965999
  3. Silver is nasty especially with your current combo. I'd stick to the wood if you really want to change then go black
  4. BMW 330D M Sport Convertible Advert below eBay Link 07510 965999 - located in Birmingham
  5. Cash on collection from Birmingham. Salim 07510 965999 Click the link below for eBay advert eBay link
  6. E46 Hardtop in Sapphire Black Metallic. All electrics work including heated rear screen. Paintwork in excellent condition. Priced cheap for a quick sale, need it gone by the end of the week. Link below eBay Link £440 collection from Birmingham 07930 371891
  7. I bought this brand new for around £85 I think. I sold my the car and alloys before I could replace it. Been using these Nankang NS2's for years, excellent brand, good grip in the wet and dry. £60 collected from Birmingham £70 posted
  8. Bought this brand new from BMW. Used it for a couple of months in my car but now sold my e46. It is still as good as brand new not a single scratch. £65 posted (without button bar) £15 extra for button bar Any questions, call or text me, I can't be arsed with pm's. 07510 965999
  9. Salim


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/272564397010? Located in B'ham Salim 07510 965999
  10. There's a well-maintained 330cd in the for sale section 😁
  11. 2006 330cd with FBMWSH eBay Link Call/text me for further information on 07510 965999
  12. ok googled them. I have the ELM bluetooth adapter so will see if I can get it to work with the two apps u mentioned above
  13. l'm sorry what ? lol never heard of either. I have INPA but that's about it
  14. Good point mjn, I hadn't thought of that. How can I tell if its trying to do a regen?
  15. Anyone??? This is driving me crAzy
  16. Yep, stats are fine and no fault codes!
  17. Thank you for your response Rasa. Both ideas crossed my mind. There's a receipt in the file for a new EGR controller and with the 335d they also replaced the EGR valve under warranty. So I'd say that might be ruled out. Binding brakes- hmmmm definitely possible (seeing as that two calipers have already been replaced in the history). However, if my calipers were sticking that bad, would the brakes not have been shot by now? Also, how can I be 100% determine whether they are sticking?
  18. This is the reading from the display, however I know that is fairly accurate based on the amount of fuel that was used up! Both in this and the 335, as soon as I hit a flat part on the motorway the instantaneous mpg hits around 40 and at the sign of even thr slightest incline its doing less than 30!! On the other hand, driving around B'ham in stop-start traffic all day gives me 30mpg (actual) which im more than happy with
  19. I've just bought an E92 330d auto coupe. Around town it does what its supposed to but on the journey back London to Birmingham I got 35mpg!! As it was new years day there was no traffic and I did not go above 80mph, pretty much cruising at the same speed the whole way. The thing is the last two E92's I've owned (320d and 335d) both also did mid to high 30's on the motorway. The 335d was well maintained and still under BMW warranty. Same with the current car. So what the hell is causing this, is it just my bad luck or is everyone getting shafted like this? There are no error codes, cannot hear a vacuum leak, both stats have been replaced with OEM BMW and car is getting up to temp. MPG is bang on around town - it only seems to drop significantly at motorway speeds. PLEASE HELP!!?
  20. Likewise, interesting to know that a 2015 bmw also goes over 92C and yours almost certainly will be on its originial stat. I can only see the part no. listed on realoem no specs
  21. Every BMW I've ever owned with a functioning thermostat has maintained its coolant temp between 88-92C. However, the last three cars I've come across (2 e46 330ds and 1 e92 330d) all go up to 97-99 when on the motorway. Both e46's have had new ECP stats (egr and main) The cars don't actually overheat as such but motorway mpg is lower than expected. Is this normal, or all faulty stats?
  22. Was this for a facelift coupe? Also how much was the microswitch and do you have a part number?
  23. Apart from the gay jingles and the s**tty lapboard it is basically Top Gear. I liked it a lot more than I expected to.
  24. Good luck mate, I've got the plastic creaking noise which is driving me crazy too
  25. Thanks mate, I'm going to change the rack and caliper. Will mention the toe to the alignment guys after the components above have been changed. RTAB's have beem changed
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