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  1. Hi Mick, Thank you for replying, appreciated. It seems that this forum has dried up over the coming past years, unfortunately.. I opened my tailgate the other day and saw that the wiring loom going into the tailgate has a few wires split and all of them are exposed and electrical insulation tape around the tired and cracked plastic wiring loom surround. This would most likely explain why the tailgate release switch, heated rear screen, rear wiper will not work. Thanks, Nero
  2. Just wondering if there are any upcoming meets in or just around Croydon? Thanks, Nero
  3. Good morning, On Saturday I purchased my first E46, a 2002 BMW 320i. I have found that the rear heated screen, rear wiper, rear tailgate open button all do not operate. I believe the wiper is completely seized as I have tried spraying WD40 all around the point itgoes through the glass and it will not budge. Is this a common issue on the Tourings? Thanks for any help! Very much appreciated. Nero
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