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  1. Nice, Imola red Iv debated getting a set of m3 wing mirrors for mine too, they rarely seem to come up for sale however and when they do they dont go cheap ! Rear end will look a lot better once the twin pipe backbox is fitted Personally iv never been too keen on the front corner splitters, id end up ripping them off on a speed bump or something As Ben said ^ wouldnt bother with a BMW Nav, mine came with one and its .. well its alright but you would be much better off getting an Android one !
  2. Its only the Air freshener i presume thats what caught your attention anyway Auto Finesse they smell great !
  3. Yeah im gonna be doing that too mate, what setup have you got at the minute pal? its standard up to the resonator then S/S pipes to a S/S Powerflow back box (which is tiny compared to the old back box) in fact the rear back box is about the same size as the resonator So its quite loud as it is, its got a really nice sound to it now, up to about 3,500rpm it almost sounds quite VR6 ish if that makes sense ? makes a fantastic noise anyway just hope i dont make it sound worse by taking out the resonator too ! these engines tend to sound a bit raspy without the resonator !
  4. Only just found this thread, really nice looking car. best colour and i think the wheels look awesome, shame the front wheels have no dish to them, the rears look fantastic and aggressive ! Get some black kidney grills and take that number plate surround off , my 2 pence
  5. The Hyundai Coupe ones seem a pretty common choice, i just bought some adjustable ones off ebay cheap and cheerful, and do the job just fine
  6. Sounds awesome man, im having my midbox (resonator) removed next for a bit more volume !
  7. Just a few photos I took yesterday after a good 4 hour cleaning session ! Also tried out some new stuff I ordered from Autoglym to put some life back into my leather ! One was a cleaner and the other a sort of lotion to restore the oils that keep it fresh ! Worked really well and the leather seems a lot better, not to mention it smells great shampooed the carpets throughout too and they've also come up a treat. Like a new car inside now ! Few pics I took through the window
  8. Imola red friend Nice motor mate, i remember when mine use to look like that !
  9. Hi guys ! Just a bornig update So the Bm is off the road until the end of August so it's spending it's time doing nothing on the drive Doesn't actually look this clean now, pic I took a few weeks back. Anyway iv got a bit of a todo list for whilst the car is off the road ! Little jobs that I normally can't be bothered to do on a daily driver becaus id rather buy pretty things so Brakes, wheel bearings, bushes, gearbox oil change, propshaft guibo, rattley exhaust clamps... Just small jobs like that ! The M3 interior is on hold for now, think I'm going for a Diff swap first going to swap out for a 3.38 final drive to give the acceleration a kick in the arse ! Slightly lower top speed but I can live with that and a few less MPG's whilst the diffs out I'll be fitting poly bushes all round so everything's nice and tight ! Also should give me time to go all OCD on a cleaning session ! Have it spotless for when I'm back in it ! On that note I bought some Auto Finesse IO500 Iron Out mainly to help clean the wheels, tried it out the other day and it's fantastic stuff ! The usual sort of iron contaminant remover spray on and leave then wash off e.c. Left it for about a minuet and rinsed it off, the results were very impressive ! Would 100% recommend. Also bought some Poor boys wheel sealant which I'm yet to use !
  10. And possibly a combination of the lighter 18" bmw wheels ?
  11. Sounds fine too me, i have 18" 8.5 et 22 and 9.5 et 27 with stretched tyres. slight bit of rubbing from mine so im having an arch roll. The offsets your looking at though should be fine with the right choice in tyre size
  12. Cool thanks for the info ! auto 330's are common so shouldnt be hard to find a diff either !
  13. I dunno mate, you mean coz of the angles or the dia of the pipe? Its the same widths but obviously a bit more angular, it feels deffo more free flowing now anyhow! Thanks Ray, yeah think she needs one for deffo - to go with her new car n all mate, Lloyd has a poweflow back box & just had the same thing done, its not easy to tell on instagram videos etc, but they defo make a difference! not so much in the cabin but on a drive by & stood behind it they sound ace!! no EML lights etc. At the moment mines a little boomy in the cabin which personally i dont mind its only others who complain ! Might look into that then when im back on the road ! any difference in performance ?
  14. Hi Jay, you notice much difference with the 2nd cats removed ?? Performance wise and or sound ? It's something iv thought about, that or the resonator removed ? Throw up any waring lights with the cats out ? Mines pretty loud as it is as the rear powerflow back box is tiny sounds great though just after a few more Decibels;)
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