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  1. I'm in-between jobs so very hard to commit to dates just yet, however I share the same goal as you Sam, id like two under the belt before the winter closes in.
  2. Which Circuit type at Bedford is best? anyone have some dates in mind?
  3. I believe Todd and Jake Admin the E46 330d Owners on FB, Ill drop Todd a message and see if hes happy for someone to share a forum link.
  4. I am based in Reading and I don't mind a drive Bedford Autodrome sounds great, never been there
  5. We really need to get a date and track where we can all make it! Nurburg for me will be next year!
  6. Nice! Hope you have a good one mate!
  7. The original clutch and flywheel combination are fine around the 300bhp level, you just have to get your tuner to cater the map to suit (sympathetic torque delivery/limiters). A common upgrade can be the E60 Friction disc with he E46 Dual mass flywheel - https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/luk/971946 Go for the LUK kits when you make your purchase, I've never heard or had any issues with these.
  8. Preventative is usually cheaper than the cure Its really not a nice job but a great feeling knowing its done. My subframe is off again this weekend for all new bushes!
  9. Thats great news then! will save you a few bob on labour! http://www.redish-motorsport.com/E46M3FloorSubframeCrackRepairReinforcement.html http://www.psdesignsglobal.com/products-services/chassis-repair-reinforcement/ Some links with great details on prep and products
  10. What a rare car you've got your hands on mate! I love the touring!, especially in black but then I am a bit bias... Looking at the mileage you do annually, I personally would give the car a full service now its yours, do this every year and look at doing the basic oil and filter change every 6 months just for good measure
  11. Take a look at the turbo on the car then and see if its a match with actuator control and you can go from there mate. There are many specialists that replace the Harmon system and upgrade the speakers so you may be able to find somewhere with one to sell (original) but it will take some emails and phone calls to sort.
  12. Great choice!, get some more pics up when you can mate. In regards to the turbo, I believe it should be a straight fit, depending on the actuator control being either electronic or vacuum actuator..? If your looking to replace the speakers and retain the Harmon system then get on eBay, usually people sell complete setups on there but the occasional sub or individual speakers will come up.
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