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  1. It seems to go back to half decent when you wet it so we are going to try a light rub back and clear coat, but spending £500 on it makes me angry with Evolve
  2. Hi, I still get notifications, I still have the car and loving it, BUT the one downer is the Evolve roof, even though its been valeted since its been completed, by a very good bloke widely recommended, the finish has deteriorated very bad in three years, not worth £1600 2018-10-10 11.03.34 by David Byrne, on Flickr
  3. hi thanks, no i didn't solve it i just wanted to enjoy the car got fed up with the stress of modding lol Still have her and she's as good as ever
  4. I didnt install anything im useless at that stuff, the evo headers are difficult and expensive to do btw, they need custom flanges made to fit the block, sorry i cant be any more help
  5. hi, i had to decat so had a spare flange on the evo headers anyway so thats were i put the extra sensor
  6. Hi thanks for the comments, I still have the car and it looks as good as the day it was finished and still enjoying it, I get so many comments still and that's from people that don't even know it's been modded, the cost doesn't bother me, if I'd have spent it on a normal car i would have been bored stiff with it by now I would totally recommend ess superchargers it has run flawlessly since it was installed
  7. thats strange mine does edit: you used the valet key on mine
  8. looking as smart as ever, which wheels are you winters?
  9. tbf to it its cold and i only travel 3 miles to work so its not the best conditions for mpg, on a motorway run i get 24mpg
  10. i git mine done when i upgraded the cams, lifters and downpipes
  11. i love that stock feel, just keeps on giving feels mental when you get to redline, but like you say no kick like a turbo (which i prefer)
  12. hoorah another charger in the the fold well done bud looks great
  13. Are there no excel brainiacs on here that can help?
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