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  1. Well it’s back, and not all is great.

    The HX35 Holset just can’t flow enough air through the exhaust turbine to keep up with the engine.

    So for now it’s time to use the car for a while.


    These numbers do not tell the whole storey, the power curve was just ridiculous at 2bar peak boost, and as revs climb boost just dropped off.


    Boost has been turned down for now to a peak of 1.5bar dropping off to 1.2bar

    A new Precision 6266 Turbo has been ordered and will be fitted at some point later this year, and then 600hp will be achievable with a superb power band.


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  2. Elephant in the room, but are you 100% sure it's a Clubsport? It seems to be lacking wheels and front bumper/splitters... To my untrained eye it looks like a boggo 330 that has a Clubsport-style boot spoiler. Am I missing something?
    On the general Clubsport point, they are a rare curio but ultimately not particularly desirable. Given that they didn't get any fundamentally improved spec over the standard 330, you'll probably still be commanding less money than a decent Individual-spec facelift. Also, assuming it is a Clubsport, at that mileage I don't see it appreciating at all unless you lock it away and never drive it. Even then, you might only make a couple of hundred quid a year.

    Has the correct trim, rarer Clubsport interior, silver bevels, kick plates too.

    Big give away is the steering rack should have a purple tag, and the engine undertray is lower than a standard one and has CS embossed on it [emoji106]

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  3. Thanks for info pal
     I see it’s got different wheels I think they are the m sport mv1 wheels, I will look to get the original wheels for it if I can, what kind of value do you think on it as it is? 117k miles years MOT 

    There’s a few sets available on the owners page on Facebook, well there was, sold my spare set unfortunately and they command a premium so be prepared.

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  4. It's got a thwacking great big wing on the back for nothing but aesthetic value and it was built in the fast and the furryous era! :lol:

    Harsh yes, but not far off the truth.. [emoji6]

    Tbh I think it was just to introduce something above the standard Sport model, but below the M3 to close up a gap in the market, but in the cheapest possible way. It's all about the $$$'s!

    99% sure there's no mechanical differences between the CS and the 330Ci Sport. It was all styling/aero'. Suspension/exhaust/engine is all the same.

    Evidently it didn't work as expected as there was no E9X 330i/335i CS model..

    There are a few mechanical improvements over a CI.

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  5. There’s been a load of further updates, now running N55 coil packs.

    Air filter has been installed and located in the bumper where the brake duct used to be.

    Dump valve has been relocated hot side of the intercooler as was causing too much turbulence as it was too close to the MAF sensor.

    IAT sensor has also been relocated as was suffering heat soak and not reading accurately.

    All issues addressed, it’s been dropped off for final tuning. Updates to follow next week [emoji106]


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  6. c9d661f467c18a02bfac75c0635b7ae7.jpg

    At 10psi I had 4 leaks that didn’t show on any smoke tests I had performed. These have now all been fixed, just silly things like a clamp not being tight enough, a couple of bolts were letting air past through threads etc.

    So now I’m currently back to wastegate spring selections and continued road testing and mapping. The end is hopefully in sight.

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  7. Still mapping, still fixing teething issues.


    Boost keeps dropping off at high RPM, I’m battling 2 issues, high exhaust manifold pressure caused but the turbo being a tad too small, normally wouldn’t be an issue, but as the wastegate is so large the force applied on it is greater and is getting forced open.


    So in an attempt to combat this I’ve had another exhaust system made.




    It’s not helped at all lol. So made a test rig up that clamps to the front of the Turbo to pressure test the entire intake system fully.





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  8. Well on its own probably not cos there’s no noticeable change anywhere, on a rolling road it’s slightly down on power but with the m52 decat manifolds plus a couple of other mods a remap should show some benefits but I’m going down the supercharger route and it should help with that

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    How’s that coming along Tazman861?

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  9. It’s been a challenging few weeks, wet roads, snow roads, salted road etc have all hampered progress.


    But finally upto 22psi, but it’s not been easy.


    Have had wastegate issues, and a very hard to diagnose lean condition.


    Wastegate now starts to open on a bench test at...






    After a number of smoke tests which none of flagged any issues, a high pressure smoke test finally found an issue



    The block off bungs I had installed had not sealed, so each time I was closing the throttle at high RPM un-metered air was being sucked in and causing the car to lean out and occasionally stall [emoji849]


    Hope this is fixed now, but need some dry roads to fully test, at 22psi this thing will spin the tyres in 3rd gear pretty easily on a dry road [emoji12]






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