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  1. dunk1


    Apparently BMW cable tie the loom All sorted with a nice soldered and shrink wrapped joint Two days driving and no issues
  2. dunk1


    Yes i think your right but god knows why.
  3. dunk1


    Thanks for the input. We've found the problem and done a temporary fix, a wire going to the Body control module had been cut through by a cable tie wearing through it, why there's a cable tie round it I don't know. Going to solder and shrink wrap it so fingers crossed it'll be sorted by Monday at the latest
  4. dunk1


    Doing some checks i've found there is no power to the top half of the fuse box
  5. dunk1


    Hi guys. My 04 330ci was working no issues, drove to a mates workshop parked up for an hour or so, came to leave and the key fob wont unlock or lock the car, put key in ignition and it turns on all the dash lights but the engine wont turn over, tried disconnecting the cars battery for 10 mins still the same, went and got the spare key and still the same Possible EWS problem ?
  6. oh well looks like its doomed like lots of car forums which is a shame
  7. Perhaps some new mods are needed if the forum intends to stay open
  8. Seems to be common practice on a lot of forums, everything going onto facebook etc
  9. The wheels look way better than MV1's and 2's regardless of weight the car is overpriced but i think its good for the rest of us as it makes our cars look like bargins at well under £10k At least the one in the video had been cleaned properly by the look of it, i'd have looked at the drivers bolster though as that looked like it starting to wear
  10. If its true mileage then i guess its got to be very rare in top condition, i personally would have had the car detailed inside before posting the advert. £20K i guess will be an investment for someone, dry store it in a carcoon and bring it out in 10/15 yrs
  11. The webuyanycar guys just offered me more money on the 46 and now at £3000 I'll keep it and not run the gauntlet in trying to replace it, better the devil you know
  12. A tidy looking Silver 2004 330ci vert with 139,000 miles on it only made £2420 on CCA in June, it was back up for sale on the E46 facebook page a few days after https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/events/2020-auctions/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cars/2004-bmw-330ci-e46-m-sport-convertible A 2008 M3 vert with 75,600 miles made £9680k on the same auction https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/events/2020-auctions/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cars/2001-bmw-m3-e46-convertible-manual
  13. I take no notice of facebook or traders, the 46 page too much of the time is dire, seems to be more bothered with M badges on non M cars than anything else. I had my car on PH for a while but only the same club offering half of what its advertised for, webuy offered more lol I shall keep it, i can't fault how it drives and is plenty quick enough if required. Still looks pretty good too and not dated so i'll save my cash, i was looking at SL Mercs but as much as i love the look they sound like they will empty your wallet in running costs
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